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The End of Absence

Source: reveries , Aug 26 2014 4:30am CDT

Michael Harris thinks we need to limit our intake of technology just as we do fat and sugar (The Economist 8/16/14). Michael is author of The End of Absence, in which he argues that putting ourselves on a high-tech diet may be the last best hope, of those who still remember life before the web, to pass along healthier habits to the next generation. His premise is that when "our insatiable appetites — for information, stimulation, validation" — are instantly met, ...

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Campbell Canada names new president

Aug 28 2014 9:46am CDT | Source: Strategy Online

Nearly a month after Philip Donne's departure, the company has hired former SC Johnson general manager Ana Dominguez to ...
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Zippo Marks

Aug 28 2014 4:28am CDT | Source: reveries

Zippo is doing better than ever even though the number of US smokers is half what it was in the 1950s, reports Abram Brown in Forbes (9/8/14). Last year’s sales topped $200 million, a record. Zippo’s claim to fame is, of course, its innovative and iconic cigarette lighter — developed "with a windproof chimney and a distinctive hinged lid" — in 1932. "After soldiers received the lighter ...
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Hi-Ho D’Addario

Aug 28 2014 4:01am CDT | Source: reveries

D’Addario succeeds "by experimenting with a commodity good and refining it through small, but significant, innovations," reports Karsten Strauss in Forbes (9/8/14). The commodity is musical instrument strings, which it turns out at a rate of "some 700,000 per day." This "netted an estimated $12 million on $169 million," including other accessories, and growth at a rate averaging "6.2% a year during the past decade ...
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Research Hangups

Aug 27 2014 4:30am CDT | Source: reveries

Amid the rise of Big Data is a decline in reliable research, reports David Leonhardt in The New York Times (8/26/14). "The declining response rate to surveys of almost all kinds is among the biggest problems in the social sciences," David writes. "It’s complicating our ability to understand how people live and what they believe." This is evident in the Labor Department’s jobs report, which some believe has "become less accurate over the last two de ...
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Ethics vs. Research

Aug 27 2014 4:01am CDT | Source: reveries

Researchers are grappling with the ethical dilemma of deceiving their subjects in the name of science," reports Shirley S. Wang in The Wall Street Journal (8/26/14). The argument goes that there are some circumstances under which failing to tell subjects they are being studied is the only way to get accurate information. Geoff Pearson of University of Liverpool applied this premise in a ten-year st ...
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Bahrain denies inviting expelled US diplomat
Manama, Aug 28 (IANS) Bahrain Thursday denied a US official's claim that the island nation has invited a senior US diplomat to return to the kingdom after expelling him for "interfering in domestic affairs". On...
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