Slush Puppies

Sep 26 2014 4:02am CDT

The late Will Radcliff turned "brain-freezing super-sweet drinks" into a $25 billion business, reports Paul Vitello in The New York Times (9/22/14). Mr. Radcliff was a peanut salesman who had his million-dollar epiphany while "inspecting a slush-making machine" at a trade show. He calculated that he "could sell a drink for 10 cents and make 7 cents" each time. You'll find the best mega joker slot online free here, you have time to get it! The Slurpee was already available, but he thought "they were not ...
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Ice Ice Baby

Sep 26 2014 4:01am CDT

Noble W. Harris believes "the right ice … is the cornerstone of any mixed drink," reports Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan in The Wall Street Journal (9/25/14). You'll get the best fishing frenzy free play demo here, you've period to obtain it! Noble mixes drinks at The District Tap House in Manhattan, and believes ice is "opening up new doors" for mixologists, as different kinds of ice "chill things down at different speeds." The first consideration is the size of the ice: "The larger the ice, the less diluted a drink gets. This is especially important ...
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Homer’s Run

Sep 25 2014 4:02am CDT

Twenty-five years later, The Simpsons "remains as vital, fresh and funny as ever," reports Will Friedwald in The Wall Street Journal (9/24/14). The question is: "How does a show sustain its creative life for roughly 22 episodes a year for 25 years? Al Jean, who has worked on the program for its entire history" says consistency is the thing, in that the show’s goals and its cast of characters have not chang ...
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Sammy’s Roumanian

Sep 25 2014 4:01am CDT

The "most wonderful terrible restaurant in New York" has remained "virtually unchanged since opening in 1975," reports Pete Wells in The New York Times (9/24/14). Where other Lower East Side eateries "obsess over filament light bulbs and salvaged barn beams," Sammy’s Roumanian Steakhouse "will be ready when fluorescents and drop ceilings make a triumphant return to fashion." The lighting recalls "a bail bondsman’s office ...
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Sep 24 2014 4:02am CDT

A novelist is using a big-box store as the setting for a horror story, reports Steve Dollar in The Wall Street Journal (9/23/14). "A hallmark of research into ‘real’ haunted places is that people feel a sense of confusion and disorientation," says Grady Hendrix, author of Horrorstor. It’s a design concept known as Gruen Transfer. "It’s what casinos do. There are no windows. There are no clocks. The carpets have these complicated patterns on them. It deliberate ...
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Sep 24 2014 4:01am CDT

A new grocery store in Germany "has dispensed entirely with disposable packaging," reports Feargus O’Sullivan in CityLab (9/16/14). Located in Berlin, Original Unverpackt (unverpackt means unpackaged) also sells no brand-name items. The store’s "dry goods — rice, cereal, spices — are stored in large dispenser bins, and customers fill containers they have either brought with them or purchased in the store. Liquid goods, such as juice or yogurt, are sold in jars or bottles with ...
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Bricks & Cliques

Sep 24 2014 4:00am CDT

Community is the glue that binds online and offline brand experiences. A Hub white paper by Christine Hall of Landor. Consumers have an emotional connection to the small handheld computers they carry around in their pockets; however, few brands have fully tapped into how to build relationships through them. Clicks are, in fact, ‘social networks.’ As Internet ecosystems have evolved and mobile technology has strengthened, the concept of ‘social’ has ...
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Battle of the Bees

Sep 23 2014 4:02am CDT

A competition to find the best local honey in NYC reveals surprising variety, reports Ralph Gardner Jr. in The Wall Street Journal (9/22/14). One might suppose that honey made in New York City would likely taste pretty similar. "I mean, how different can New York City honey taste from one address to the next?" Ralph writes. "Also, what is it that the bees are pollinating? I hate to think. Chewing gum? Sidewalk trash? I assumed ...
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Social Insects

Sep 23 2014 4:01am CDT

Bees and ants are surprisingly good at thinking as a group, reports Robert M. Sapolsky in The Wall Street Journal (9/20/14). "Social insects excel at what we’ve come to call the ‘wisdom of the crowd’." For example, a bee reporting a food source twice as good as that reported by another bee, does so by "dancing" twice as long as the other bee. "The hive’s other bees will encounter" this bee "twice as often as the other ...
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Marshmallow Test

Sep 22 2014 4:02am CDT

Kids who exercise self-control get better grades, and grow up to be richer and thinner, reports Michael Shermer in a Wall Street Journal review of The Marshmallow Test by Walter Mischel (9/20/14). This insight is based on Walter’s late ’60s experiment involving "children between the ages of 4 and 6" who "given a choice between one marshmallow right away or two marshmallows if they waited 15 minutes" (video). Only a third elected to de ...
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