Windows 10 Ads Excessively Show Babies

“Welcome to Windows 10, a more human way to do.” This is Microsoft’s Windows 10 slogan. In a new series of Windows 10 commercials Microsoft uses the cutest things besides kittens – babies.

The kids growing up Windows 10 don’t have to worry about passwords, obsess about security, have a digital assistant and that every screen is meant to be touched.

Microsoft has released on the weekend a video highlighting 10 reasons why to upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft is marketing Windows 10 as familiar and human. 

The new Windows 10 commercials include “The future starts now”, “Your own personal assistant”, “Don’t worry about passwords. Log in with a smile” and “A more human way to use the web.”

The star among the Windows 10 babies is the little guy pressing his nows against a Window. When he grows up he will be known as the Windows 10 baby.





Windows 10 will be released starting July 29. There is no way to miss it as Microsoft will market the hell out of the launch in all media.

Originally posted in i4u News

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