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Why South America Will Be A Tougher Solar Market Crack
Latin America is a shining, promising solar market that will be a lot more difficult to crack. That’s because Latin America doesn’t have the same levels of generous government incentives that subsidize project costs or…
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Disney Moves ‘Ant-Man’ To Warner Bros.’ Prime July Slot
The Hollywood Reporter is, uh, reporting that Walt Disney and Marvel have moved Ant-Man from its previous July 31, 2015 slot into July 17th, 2015. As we all know, said prime real estate was vacated last week when …
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Are You Getting Paid Enough?
It doesn’t matter what kind of job you do or how much you get paid. Every working person has wondered at some point, “Am I getting paid enough?” It’s a natural enough question. The bigger the employer organization, the…
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Katie Couric And Laurie David Hope To Start A Food Revolution
It will come as news to no one that childhood obesity is massive problem in our country. But what to do about it? Trying to get kids to cut down on calories and exercise more is incredibly tough when you live in a world…
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A Seattle Entreprenuer Just Made A $1.9 Million Bet On Super Bowl Suites. For $30,000 You Can Get In On It.
Part of being a sports fan is the risk you sign on for every year and every game, putting your emotion on the line for a bunch of grown men who generally make more money than you.  John Chen, however, has taken…
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Fiscal Magic: Paying for New Highways by Cutting Corporate Taxes
Does it make sense to fund much-needed roads, bridges, and mass transit with a big tax cut for multinational corporations? A growing number of Democrats and Republicans seem to think so. But I have my doubts. At first…
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How Do You Get People To Pay For Content?
Clearly this is a tough time for many media companies, particularly newspapers.  For decades, they not only played a primary role in informing the public, they were astoundingly profitable businesses. Those days have…
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