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Aug 29 2014 10:33am CDT | Source: kid screen

Google's drone delivery program takes flight in Australia (Wired) Nintendo unveils redesigned 3DS console (Business Insider) The Boss to publish children's book (The Guardian) A box office dollar is not the same in every country  ...
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Unique, Solution-Driven SEO Services by SLAM Strategy Places Client on Top in Google

Source: Ad Balla | Apr 20 2014, 2:00am CDT | by

Adelaide’s leading digital strategy firm, SLAM Strategy, has successfully led a client’s search engine optimisation Adelaide project to place all targeted keywords at the topmost page of the search engine, Google.
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10 Songs

Aug 29 2014 4:23am CDT | Source: reveries

In his latest book, Greil Marcus distills the history of rock ‘n’ roll into just 10 songs, reports Wesley Stace in The Wall Street Journal (8/23/14). In part, Greil picks his list based on certain themes, like "escape," that are particular to rock ‘n’ roll. But the overarching idea "is how different artists cover, and re-discover, one another’s work." For example, In the Still of the Night, by the Five Satins, "has ...
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20 Cellos

Aug 29 2014 4:00am CDT | Source: reveries

Maya Beiser channels Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and others through her cello, reports Corinne Ramey in The Wall Street Journal (8/26/14). Her idea is to play their “voice.” With Kurt Kobain, for instance, Maya produces a “grimy, fuzzy howl.” “His voice is raspy and out of tune and not clean,” says Maya. Getting at that “is about … diving into that world.” Similarly, Jimi Hendrix’s solo on Little Wing is “so out of tune … You have to learn to bend a ...
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US reporter requests privacy after release
Washington, Aug 28 (IANS/EFE) The US journalist, who was freed this week by the miltants in Syria after two years in captivity, Wednesday thanked everyone for their efforts to secure his release and asked for privacy to be with his family. | by IANS
James Foley in last message: 'Granny, please take your medicine...'
Washington, Aug 26 (IANS/EFE) American journalist James Foley had sent a personal message to his family through a fellow hostage who was freed just days before the reporter was decapitated by Islamic State (IS) jihadis in Syria. | by IANS
Too much make-up not good for youngsters: Expert
Los Angeles, Aug 26 (IANS) Parents are being urged to ensure that their children aren't using too much make-up particularly if they're young as it can lead to major skin problems, says an expert. | by IANS

Zippo Marks

Aug 28 2014 4:28am CDT | Source: reveries

Zippo is doing better than ever even though the number of US smokers is half what it was in the 1950s, reports Abram Brown in Forbes (9/8/14). Last year’s sales topped $200 million, a record. Zippo’s claim to fame is, of course, its innovative and iconic cigarette lighter — developed "with a windproof chimney and a distinctive hinged lid" — in 1932. "After soldiers received the lighters in WWII, Zippo ...
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Hi-Ho D’Addario

Aug 28 2014 4:01am CDT | Source: reveries

D’Addario succeeds "by experimenting with a commodity good and refining it through small, but significant, innovations," reports Karsten Strauss in Forbes (9/8/14). The commodity is musical instrument strings, which it turns out at a rate of "some 700,000 per day." This "netted an estimated $12 million on $169 million," including other accessories, and growth at a rate averaging "6.2% a year during the past deca ...
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Research Hangups

Aug 27 2014 4:30am CDT | Source: reveries

Amid the rise of Big Data is a decline in reliable research, reports David Leonhardt in The New York Times (8/26/14). "The declining response rate to surveys of almost all kinds is among the biggest problems in the social sciences," David writes. "It’s complicating our ability to understand how people live and what they believe." This is evident in the Labor Department’s jobs report, which some ...
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Ethics vs. Research

Aug 27 2014 4:01am CDT | Source: reveries

Researchers are grappling with the ethical dilemma of deceiving their subjects in the name of science," reports Shirley S. Wang in The Wall Street Journal (8/26/14). The argument goes that there are some circumstances under which failing to tell subjects they are being studied is the only way to get accurate information. Geoff Pearson of University of Liverpool applied this premise in a ten-year study of "the behavior of rowdy soccer fa ...
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The End of Absence

Aug 26 2014 4:30am CDT | Source: reveries

Michael Harris thinks we need to limit our intake of technology just as we do fat and sugar (The Economist 8/16/14). Michael is author of The End of Absence, in which he argues that putting ourselves on a high-tech diet may be the last best hope, of those who still remember life before the web, to pass along healthier habits to the next generation. His premise is that when "our insatiable appetites — for ...
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Seacrest hopes to have 'great marriage' like parents
London, Aug 30 (IANS) Anchor-producer Ryan Seacrest, who is dating Shayna Taylor, says he would like to have a fantastic marriage just like his parents. The 39-year-old admires his parents - Connie and Gary - and...
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Moscow threatens to retaliate against Poland
Moscow, Aug 30 (IANS) Moscow Friday threatened to take retaliatory measures against Poland, after its authorities refused permission to a plane carrying Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to enter its airspace....
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Over three million flee Syria since 2011: UN
Geneva, Aug 30 (IANS/EFE) The number of Syrians forced to flee their country as a result of the civil war that began in 2011 topped three million Friday, UN refugee agency said. Journey out of Syria is becoming...
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Madonna slams Gaga in leaked song
London, Aug 30 (IANS) Pop star Madonna has reportedly called Lady Gaga a "copycat" in the lyrics of her leaked track "Two Steps Behind Me". The 56-year-old wrote the song about the "Pokerface" hitmaker in which she...
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Modi leaves for Japan
New Delhi, Aug 30 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for Japan Saturday morning on his first bilateral visit outside the Indian subcontinent. Modi and his entourage will touch down at Kyoto airport where...
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Russia intensifies efforts inside Ukraine: Pentagon
Washington, Aug 30 (IANS) Russia continues to build up along its border with Ukraine and has moved sophisticated weapons systems into the country, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday. Russian forces are "facilitating the...
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Modi embarks on Japan visit
New Delhi, Aug 30 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi left for Japan Saturday morning on his maiden bilateral visit outside the Indian subcontinent. Modi and his entourage will touch down at Kyoto airport where...
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Pregnant Shakira thanks fans best wishes
Los Angeles, Aug 30 (IANS) Pop star Shakira has thanked fans for their "wishes" on her second pregnancy. The "Waka Waka" singer has confirmed she is expecting her second child with soccer star Gerard Piqué, with whom...
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Kate Mara splits from Max Minghella
Kate Mara has split from Max Minghella. The 'House of Cards' actress and 'The Mindy Project' star, who have had an an on-again, off-again relationship for four years, recently decided to break-up for good. A source told...
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Kourtney Kardashian kept pregnancy secret
Kourtney Kardashian was worried about telling Scott Disick she is pregnant again. The 35-year-old reality TV star, who already has son, Mason, four, and daughter, Penelope, two, with her longtime boyfriend, admits she...
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