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Kobe Bean Bryant (born August 23, 1978) is an American professional basketball player who plays shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Bryant enjoyed a successful high school basketball career at Lower Merion High School, where he was recognized as the top high school basketball player in the country. He decided to declare his eligibility for the NBA Draft upon graduation, and was selected with the 13th overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft by the Charlotte Hornets, then traded to the Los Angeles Lakers. As a rookie, Bryant earned himself a reputation as a high-flyer and a fan favorite by winning the 1997 Slam Dunk Contest.

Phil Jackson Reacts to Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse

Source: Aces Showbiz  |   Aug 15 2013, 3:22am CDT

After shaking up the hip-hop world with his verse on Big Sean’s new track “Control”, Kendrick Lamar now gets a slap on the wrist from retired NBA coach Phil Jackson for name-dropping him. But apart from reprimanding the young MC, the 67-year-old p …

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Achilles Tendon Rupture: Dr. Victor Khabie Explains Risk Factors and…

Source: PRWeb  |   Aug 15 2013, 2:23am CDT

It isn’t always possible for athletes to avoid the sudden moves that might trigger an Achilles tendon tear,” says Dr. Khabie, “but there are common-sense precautions that can reduce the risk. Millions of basketball fans watchi …

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Fashion for a Cause

Source: Masala.com  |   Aug 15 2013, 1:09am CDT

One of Dubai’s first homegrown boutiques, Candella Boutique is a unique fashion house offering the most stylish clothes, shoes and accessories handpicked from all over the world. Candella also offers signature f …

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LA Lakers Owner Jim Buss: Dwight Howard ‘Never Really a Laker’

Source: Sport Balla  |   Aug 15 2013, 12:42am CDT

LA Lakers co-owner Jim Buss doesn’t consider former center Dwight Howard as having been part of the organization. Eric Pincus of the Los Angeles Times quotes Buss via The Hollywood Reporter. “He was never really a Laker. He was just passi …

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Overland Park Resident Appointed Chief Creative Officer to Internet Marketing School’s Executive Team
Overland Park, KS, August 15, 2013 –(PR.com)– Overland Park resident Benjamin Parks has joined Internet marketing school Marcademy (http://Marcademy.com/) as its new chief creative officer. Marcademy is the country… | by PR.com
The CEO Show’s Robert Reiss Interviews Its 300th CEO, Brad Stewart, CEO of XOJET
Brad Stewart, CEO of XOJET, Is The 300th Guest on The CEO Show, Interviewed by host Robert Reiss on August 4, 2013. Stewart provides personal insights about how he met his wife at McKinsey & Company and also how his upbringing influenced the way he fills his role as XOJET’s CEO. Stewart describes the private jet industry, gives his views on the priorities he sets at XOJET, and how extraordinary service is provided to its clientele. | by PR.com
Enhance the Quality and Potential Value of Personal Collections
The Collectors Show for the week of August 12, 2013 features Laurence C. Zale, president of Laurence C. Zale Associates, Inc. Mr. Zale is a recognized authority on evaluating collections of all type. | by PR.com

Yet again, ball security an emphasis in Husker camp

Source: Lincoln Journal Star  |   Aug 15 2013, 12:32am CDT

Football security drills are nothing new for Nebraska players, and still, neither are their problems with fumbles. Nebraska has ranked among the nation’s worst teams in fumbles during the past five seasons, losing 77 in that span. The Huskers lost an F …

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Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe Bryant Doesn’t Notice His Own Mortality

Source: Rant Sports  |   Aug 14 2013, 10:09pm CDT

Kobe Bryant took to twitter to use the dire outlook from most pundits as his motivation going into next season. ESPN posted their Western Conference projections that didn’t include The Los Angeles Lakers in the playoff …

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1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team in NFL history to achieve a perfect season, but did not get the chance to visit the White House after their Super Bowl victory…until now!

Source: American Banking and Market News  |   Aug 14 2013, 6:29pm CDT

3 MINUTE UPDATE Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant had a n ew type of surgery for his Achilles tendon. Washington Redskin’s quarterback Robert Griffin III and coach Mike Shanahan having a rift? Plus Kansas City Chie …

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Phil Jackson Responds to Kendrick Lamar: Lean on Me!

Source: The Hollywood Gossip  |   Aug 14 2013, 6:00pm CDT

Kendrick Lamar made major headlines yesterday when he challenged rap rivals in a verse from the song “Control.” The artist went after such big names as Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky and Drake, saying he’s on a mission to “murder” them all. He also totally destr …

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Nikola Pekovic and Timberwolves agree to extension

Source: Interbasket  |   Aug 14 2013, 5:36pm CDT

Here are 17 photos of Jayson Castro William, known as Jayson Castro, the backup point guard for team Philippines. We decided to dedicate a photo gallery to the 27 year old, 5-11 guard after he was named to the All-Tournament for the FIBA …

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Indians in Kuwait celebrate I-Day
Kuwait, Aug 15 — Indians in Kuwait celebrated India’s 67th Independence Day Thursday with Ambassador Satish C. Mehra unfurling the tricolour in the embassy premises here. After the singing of the national anthem, the…
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Paris Hilton: I’m not an airhead
Paris Hilton insists she’s not an “airhead”. The 32-year-old socialite developed a reputation for being ditzy after starring alongside her then-best friend Nicole Richie in reality show ‘The Simple Life’ between 2003…
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Kate Bosworth to marry in August ‘country’ wedding
Kate Bosworth is to marry at the end of August. The 30-year-old actress will tie the knot to her fiancé Michael Polish in a “country-style wedding”, and sources have told the New York Post newspaper the couple are to…
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Man of Indian descent acquitted of murdering father
Sydney, Aug 15 — An Australian court Thursday acquitted a 21-year-old man of Indian descent of murdering his father. Judge Stephen Campbell of the New South Wales Supreme Court in Sydney ruled that he was “not satisfied…
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Corporate Air Parts Presents Land Shark
Van Nuys, CA, August 15, 2013 –(PR.com)– Corporate Air Parts, a distributor of airline products to the business aircraft community, is proud to present the Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter & Stealth Bag. For…
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Sandy Martial Arts Facility Celebrates 17 Years of Leadership Development, Community Service, and Martial Arts Training
Sandy, UT, August 15, 2013 –(PR.com)– This month, Personal Mastery Martial Arts in Sandy, UT is celebrating their 17 year anniversary. For 17 years this martial arts facility has been training students and their…
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Jhonathan Florez – Change4Good Wingsuit Stunt
Melbourne, Australia, August 15, 2013 –(PR.com)– Colombian daredevil Jhonathan Florez to perform the biggest stunt of 2013 and spread a global message of change. The exact details of the project are top secret due…
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