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Skype (IPA: [skʌɪp]) is software that allows users to make telephone calls over the Internet. Calls to other users of the service are free of charge, while calls to landlines and cell phones can be made for a fee. Additional features include instant messaging, file transfer and video conferencing.

Syria violence kills dozens; some rebels split from opposition group

Source: Stars and Stripes  |   Oct 16 2013, 11:48pm CDT

Syrian rebels and a Syrian TV reporter walk past the remains of a house in the city of Heesh in northern Syria, May 6, 2013. BEIRUT — The Muslim Eid al-Adha holiday was marked with the death of more than 20 people in an explosion in the southern Syrian …

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Bangladeshi pro-opposition daily’s editor sent to jail

Source: Ad Balla | Apr 17 2013, 7:26pm CDT | by Luigi Lugmayr

Bangladeshi pro-opposition daily's editor sent to jail
Dhaka, April 18 (IANS) The editor of a Bangladesh’s pro-opposition daily was sent to jail Wednesday in a case filed for publication of a report on the Skype conversation.
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Homeward Bound

Source: Travel Blog  |   Oct 16 2013, 10:44pm CDT

Well, it’s been two years since we heeded the call and went to Tanzania to do the Lord’s work. We are very happy we went, but also happy to be home with family and friends. It has been a life-changing experience; o …

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Exclusive: Sprint’s Messaging Plus app could soon land on Windows Phone

Source: TechRadar UK  |   Oct 16 2013, 9:26pm CDT

Earlier this week, Sprint announced a new messaging app was headed to its handsets, one aimed at synthesizing different types of mobile communication in a single spot. Messaging Plus serves as sort of communicatio …

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Darling Homes Keeps Growing in Houston, Four Communities Slated to Open Soon
Darling Homes Keeps Growing in Houston, Four Communities Slated to Open Soon
Houston Home Builder Adds Cross Creek Ranch, Imperial, Harmony and Expansion of Long Meadow Farms | by
Purchase a New Inventory Home from Taylor Morrison by Dec. 31 and Receive Free Appliances, Free Landscaping and Closing Costs Paid
Purchase a New Inventory Home from Taylor Morrison by Dec. 31 and Receive Free Appliances, Free Landscaping and Closing Costs Paid
Denver, CO, October 16, 2013 –(– Denver home buyers who purchase an inventory home from Taylor Morrison by Dec. 31 will receive plenty of gifts just in time for the holidays. Purchase select inventory homes… | by
Religion Communicators Council Puts Faith Into Action
The Religion Communicators Council meets each month to hear about a topic of interest. This month, the Nashville Chapter will hear from two organizations about how to put faith into action. | by

Katy Perry and John Mayer set to walk down the aisle after loved up appearance at his brother’s wedding

Source: Daily Mail – UK  |   Oct 16 2013, 9:06pm CDT

Are wedding bells set to ring for rock music’s celebrity couple Katy Perry and John Mayer? ‘Everyone knows it’s just a question of when John will propose,’ one of the musician’s pals dished to Us Weekly after John took Katy to his …

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Josh Singer Talks Challenges of Tackling WikiLeaks Drama ‘The Fifth Estate’ –and What He Left Out

Source: Indie Wire  |   Oct 16 2013, 8:10pm CDT

Written by Josh Singer and directed by Bill Condon, Dreamworks biopic “The Fifth Estate” (October 18), which opened the Toronto International Film Festival to mixed reviews, is nothing if not ambitious. It’s …

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Effort to Evacuate Syrian Civilians Is Thwarted by Shelling

Source: The New York Times  |   Oct 16 2013, 8:01pm CDT

BEIRUT, Lebanon — It seemed promising until the shelling started: Under a brief cease-fire, 200 civilians were preparing to evacuate on Wednesday from a rebel-held town near Damascus that the government has blockaded for months. Their flight was …

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Smoke fills cabin as Spirit Airlines engine explodes

Source: MSNBC  |   Oct 16 2013, 6:24pm CDT

>>> you may have awakened to news about what happened on a spirit airlines jet. an in-flight emergency on an airbus 319. it had some passengers thinking this was it, that their time had come. they said so to s …

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How to fight cyber war? Estonia shows the way

Source: Times of India  |   Oct 16 2013, 5:26pm CDT

NEW DELHI: Estonia is the Hiroshima of cyber war. In April 2007, the new government decided to move a Soviet-era war memorial to a location outside the capital, Talinn. Pro-Soviet elements came out on the streets to …

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What is the iPhone 6 Release Date?
What will the new iPhone 6 look like? When will it be released? Many are already asking these same questions. Many analysts think they already have the answer. As usual, Apple rumors remain plenteous.PC Advisor is…
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Will Apple’s October iPad Unveiling Increase Its Market Share?
There is something scheduled by Apple for October 22, as Yahoo Finance notes. Many are expecting to be ‘surprised’ by the unveiling of the new iPad and the iPad Mini. The latest version of the iPad is calculated to be…
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A bridge delivered, but many BJP promises off-track (Goa Newsletter)
Carona (Goa), Oct 17 — Metaphorically, it resembles an arched, steel tombstone over a watery grave that four schoolchildren and two adults slipped into last year. Inaugurated Sunday on Dussehra, the story of the Calvim-…
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Apple May Merge Mac with iPhone
As CNET reports, Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical is of the professional opinion that the deeper meaning behind Apple’s 64-bit A7 is that the Mac and the iPhone are set to be mixed. He claims that the chip is…
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Nashville Recap: The Incredible Sulk
Maddie’s extended bout of the Terrible Teens comes to a finish on this week’s Nashville, and the end of that pouting, fresh-mouthed spot of bother is a true relief. While I think Maddie’s sulkiness is understandable,…
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Blue Death Screen Plagues Apple iPhone 5S Users
Already, users are reporting getting the Blue Screen of Death. As Forbes mentioned, the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) has not been a frequent experience since Windows 98, but now iPhone 5S users are getting it. Many of…
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With debt deal done, US shutdown set to end
Washington, Oct 17 — In a major victory for President Barack Obama, the the US Congress voted to reopen the government and raise the debt ceiling ending a 16-day stand off that had put America at risk of its first ever…
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No New Local Apple Stores for America
There were only four new stores opened by Apple within the 2013 fiscal year. That is not even half the amount the company promised to produce. Moreover, those four stores are all so close to other Apple Store locations…
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Apple Recruits Employees from BlackBerry
As CNN reports, ex-workers from BlackBerry can still work for a fruity-named smartphone maker if they choose, as Apple has invited them to a hiring event happening in September. The positions available are all at Apple’…
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