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Bringing art to the middle class in China

Source: Los Angeles Times  |   Jun 2 2013, 9:38am CDT

At the Hong Kong fair, works by Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Ai Weiwei and other international masters were sold for millions to wealthy individuals who flew in especially for the event. Surge ( on the other hand …

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Corporate Sustainability Is Not Sustainable

Source: Think Progress  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:53am CDT

Green initiatives are ubiquitous these days, implemented with zeal at companies like Dupont, IBM, Walmart, and Walt Disney. The programs being rolled out—lighting retrofits, zero-waste factories, and car pool incentives—save money and provid …

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Two Flannery Characters: A Sermon by Jason Micheli

Source: Patheos Blogs  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:44am CDT

This is a marvelous sermon; read it through and you will rise up and call me blessed. Sermon on Romans 3:9-20. As many of you know, I do a lot of my work at Starbucks. I have my reasons. For one thing, I get more accomplished without D …

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Top 5 investigative videos of the week: “Poverty is what makes the rich rich”

Source: Salon  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:35am CDT

Over the course of the film, we learn that some definite progress has been made. While 90 percent of the world’s population lived in extreme poverty in 1800, that figure is now more like 15 to 20 percent. But the …

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Latest stories

Unique Russian dialect found in Alaska
Unique Russian dialect found in Alaska
Washington, May 30 (IANS/RIA Novosti) A group of academics from Moscow have collected recordings of a unique Russian dialect spoken by a handful of elderly people in the US state of Alaska.
Larry King to host show on Russian network
Larry King to host show on Russian network
Moscow, May 30 (IANS/EFE) US television veteran Larry King has agreed to host a political talk show on Russian-government-owned RT, the international network said.
#WillYouMarryMe: Man proposes on Twitter
#WillYouMarryMe: Man proposes on Twitter
Washington, May 29 (IANS) A creative consultant from Los Angeles decided not to follow any stereotypical way of asking a woman to marry him, but proposed to his girlfriend in front of thousands of followers on Twitter.

Coffee and Doughnuts on a Run

Source:  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:33am CDT

While the broader markets panicked late Friday, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (NYSE: KKD) shares soared on the day after the company reported exceptional first-quarter earnings and raised its guidance. The company …

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Case for building £14m leisure complex

Source: The Northern Echo  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:33am CDT

SUPPORTERS of a proposed £14m leisure centre said their case for the facility was strengthened during public consultation yesterday. (Saturday, June 1) Outline plans for the Fusion 21 Active Village Complex in …

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Lahore Lahore Hai

Source: Travel Blog  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:27am CDT

One technique the AIOU Computer Science department uses to transmit knowledge to the provinces is video conferencing. I decided to try it out Friday morning. I spoke in front of a small local audience and a large monitor that showed in one w …

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Will Starbucks Smoking Ban Burn Tobacco Stocks?

Source: Wall Street Cheat Sheet  |   Jun 2 2013, 8:13am CDT

Anyone who loves to light up a smoke when enjoying a coffee outside Starbucks (NASDAQ:SBUX) needs to take a walk. The company announced it will ban smoking at outdoor seating for all of its independent branches. To hammer the point home, they are exte …

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American Cancer Society goes to the dogs

Source:  |   Jun 2 2013, 7:44am CDT

The Rotary Club of Madison, best known for its charitable giving and weekly lunches with newsmakers, is celebrating its 100th birthday this ye… A book publisher writes one of her own When Tanner McEvoy was growing up in New Jersey, h …

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